The new app for studio operators

milon COCKPIT is the new, extremely user-friendly analysis tool for your training area. With simple and clearly presented parameters, this app allows you to understand your milon ecosystem better and to gear it toward more effectiveness and efficiency.

Additional functions

The integrated support function lets you share your key parameters with your milon support agent. milon COCKPIT also has a “goal” function, allowing you and your club to set target specifications for the number of active members in your milon group. Thanks to real-time analyses based on data from milon CARE, milon COCKPIT monitors this goal so you can achieve it quickly and efficiently. 

When and where can I get milon COCKPIT?

milon COCKPIT will be available in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Sweden, England and Ireland from December 1, 2018 on.

How do I obtain milon COCKPIT?

milon COCKPIT is only available in combination with the CARE support contract, including telephone-based support. 

Available now!

Download the new milon COCKPIT app for Google or iOS now!
milon COCKPIT will be available in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Sweden, England and Ireland.
The CARE support contract including telephone-based support is required to activate the app. If you would like further information, please fill out the contact form below, and we’ll get in touch with you.

✓ Real-time presentation of milon circuit system utilization

✓ Presentation and clear visualization of the core parameters of your milon system

✓ Goal-setting for milon utilization and its use

milon COCKPIT - milon

✓ Automatic monitoring of trends in circuit’s use

✓ Option to get direct online support from your milon support agent

✓ New client forecast


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