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milon marketing support

Support for your success:

We are pleased to provide you with advertising materials to help you promote your center and communicate the value and characteristics of milon. We host an extensive selection of digital and print-ready marketing items such as banners, images, videos, social media content, etc. (including white label and customizable tools).

Please contact your milon consultant with your request.


Available materials include the following:

– Photo material (image, equipment, circuit)

– Video material (image, equipment, circuit)

– Logos and icons

– milon CI / CD manual

– Product information


In case of a technical error with the equipment, the software milon CARE or the software M1 please call:

Technical errors

International caller: +49 8293 965 50 55



Software milon CARE and IT Errors:

International caller: +49 8293 965 50 55


Issues Software M1:

International caller: +49 8293 965 50 55

Orders Equipment spare parts:

International caller: +49 8293 965 50 55

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